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5 Facts about Inflation and Tire Pressure for Professional Drivers

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When professional drivers talk inflation, usually there’s only a 50/50 chance they’re talking economics. After all, they depend on the inflation in their tires to get them where they need to safely go every single day. That’s a minimum of 18 reasons to care about inflation each and every day.  

Facts about Semi Truck Tire Pressure

Below, I've included five facts about tire pressure that can impact your day and your pocketbook. 

Fact #1: Tire Thumping is a Poor Method for Determining Tire Pressure

5 Facts about Inflation and Tire Pressure for Professional Drivers While giving each tire a good thump before heading out might give you an idea of how the tire pressure in each tire compares with the others, even the best-trained ear cannot nail down a proper measurement.

Fact #2: For Every 10 Percent of Under-Inflation, There’s a 1 Percent Reduction in Fuel Economy

While that one percent might seem like too small of a problem to worry about, that little bit adds up – especially when you consider how many miles you run each year.

Fact #3: Over-Inflated Tires aren’t Much Better

Semi truck tire pressure is one area where overcorrecting can do more harm than good. Maintaining a greater-than-needed PSI doesn’t allow your tires to flex the way they’re designed to. By over-inflating semi truck tires, you’re increasing their wear and tear. Anything that lengthens the life of your tires also saves you big bucks.

Fact #4: More Rubber on The Road Isn’t a Good Thing

An underinflated tire causes more internal heat within the tire. This is because an underinflated tire will have more sidewall flexing and a longer tire footprint. Both of those things lead to more rubber in contact with the road, and it generates a lot of heat. That heat will lead to tire failure, and tire failure leads to big expenses for professional drivers.

Fact #5: If Left Unchecked, Tire Pressure Will Not Correct Itself

Ignoring your semi truck tire pressure is a lot like avoiding the dentist. It only becomes a problem when you ignore it, and the longer you avoid it, the worse things get. And, even though you might not like making time for the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned, that doesn’t make it any less important.

So, keep your teeth – and your tires – well maintained. Then, sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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