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3 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Semi Truck


At Clearwater Travel Plaza, we love seeing friendly faces, new and old. We can be just the destination you need after a long day of driving, or just to stop, grab a bite and a shower, and fuel up in the middle of your trip.

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An Office With a View: A Professional Driver's Life on the Road


Many professional drivers span thousands of miles over the course of a single week, giving them ample opportunity to take in breathtaking sites from coast to coast. This is one of the many advantages of the industry; as long as you get the cargo to where it needs to go on time, your office is yours and yours alone and it goes wherever you do.

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The Trucker's Creed


For men and women, professional careers in any industry come with both a price and a reward. Working to fulfill personal and professional goals, providing financial resources and security, and to have a sense of belonging to a greater good are all reasons why people work. Yet for the American over-the-road professional driver, those reasons matter but perhaps not as much as a sense of duty. This is the Trucker's Creed.

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YouTube Channels to Follow for Professional Drivers


If you're a professional driver and you want to connect with others in your profession, there are many available options when compared to the past. The dawn of social media, blogging and video sharing has made the profession much less lonely and introduced an element of connectedness that had never been a part of driving.

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Stay Fresh on the Road as a Professional Driver: Hygiene Tips


Most professional drivers want to look great on the road and not like they're homeless and smell as if they've not had a bath in days! Simple hygiene tasks like shaving, brushing your teeth, and even washing your face can be difficult. Therefore, it's necessary to take advantage of the showers available at professional driver truck stops. With well-equipped facilities, these driver truck stops will allow you to stay fresh and clean as you perform your duties on the roads across America. However, it's not always an option. Here's how to stay fresh when you're on the road.

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Professional Drivers: Tips to Stay Connected While You’re Away


Being a professional driver comes with plenty of benefits, like the freedom of seeing the world and setting your own schedule instead of being stuck in an office working a nine to five. But, that freedom comes at a cost. Especially for over-the-road drivers, it can mean long periods of times spent away from family, friends, and loved ones.

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Professional Driver Tips for Longer Than Normal Routes


Depending on the type of driving you do, you might be home every night or away for weeksat a time. You might drive the same line haul daily, or you might take some of the most scenic routes the continental United States has to offer.

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Professional Drivers – How to Improve Efficiency, Fuel, and Otherwise


Whether you own your rig, or drive for a company, as a professional driver you’re tasked with making smart, conscious decisions that affect your efficiency: of your time, your haul, and your truck. Even the littlest changes can make large, noticeable impacts on your career. Here are a few ways to improve efficiency over the road.

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