Grand Central Station for All of Our Happenings

Clearwater Travel Plaza Welcomes New Owners


[CLEARWATER, MN] October 8, 2019 - An iconic central Minnesota truck stop, restaurant, and bakery today announces Dave Olson of Clear Lake as the new owner. The plaza was previously owned by Joel Nelson, a second-generation owner of the business. 

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Golf for Hope 2019


Golf for Hope 2019 will take place on September 13, 2019. 

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Bean Bag League 2019


Join us for Bean Bag League on Tuesday nights at Nelson Bros. Pub!

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Pies and Strawberry Rhubarb Pies are Back!


They're a summertime fan favorite — Strawberry Cream Cheese Pies and Strawberry Rhubarb Pies — and they're back for a limited time! Make sure to stop in to grab yours before they're gone!

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Nelson Bros. Bakery and Beyond


Donuts, pies, and baked goods, oh my! If you've ever been to the Clearwater Travel Plaza, you know our donuts are larger than life. In fact, we've coined the term "donuts bigger than your head." Nelson Bros. Bakery is legendary, and our Fritter Bread is the stuff dreams are made of.  To satisfy your curiosity, we've listed below the many types of bakery items our confections team bakes fresh.

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Did You Know? Here's What CTP has in Store for You


When we say we have a lot in store for you, we mean it! I wanted to share just how much variety we have on-site. If you’re looking for something, there’s more of a chance we have it than not. Check out what we have available for you inside the Plaza.

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Truck Drivers Shared Their Wildest Stories from the Road


During February and March of 2017, we asked truck drivers to share their wildest stories from their time on the road. Now, it's been my experience that just about every trucker has a few great stories up their sleeve, and when we asked, they delivered! 

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5 Reasons Clearwater Travel Plaza Truck Stop Showers are the Best


While I don't go over the road myself, I've heard enough trucker tales about bad shower experiences to last me a lifetime. When it comes to truck stop showers, Clearwater Travel Plaza takes the cake and makes sure you feel right at home no matter what

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Truck Drivers Out There Doing Great Things


If you're someone who's spent any amount of time around truck drivers, you've likely heard a few tales from the road. Some stories make you chuckle, others deserve little more than an eyeroll. But today, I'm sharing trucker stories that'll warm your heart. 

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