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We Have So Much For You to Explore!

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When it comes to rest areas, the true intention is implied within the name. To cease work of movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover. At Clearwater Travel Plaza, we wholeheartedly support relaxing and refreshing. We aim to make that possibility a reality with our travel plaza offerings that include dining, beverages, shopping, and more. We offer travelers a fuel punch card to reward our frequent guests and friends!


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"KOO-PON" or "KYOO-PON", no matter how you say it, there are savings in store  for you!

Upcoming Events

Nov 12

Happy Hour Day 2019

Did somebody say happy hour? We did! $1.00 off any adult beverage all day.

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Nov 3

Sandwich Day 2019

We have $1.00 off 1/2 sandwiches and $2.00 off whole ones to participate in National Sandwich Day!

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Oct 17

Pasta Day 2019

We're participating in National Pasta Day with $3.00 off any pasta dinner! Bring the whole gang.

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