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All Truck Stops are Not Created Equal

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When you stop at a truck stop, what do you hope it offers? Are you looking for plenty of parking? Is it too much to ask for a clean bathroom and a hot meal? We don't think so. 

What Do the Best Truck Stops Offer?

When it’s time to stop, you have to stop. Sometimes it’s for the bare necessities, other times it’s for the amenities. While just about anywhere should have the basics, there are a few things that take a food and fuel stop to the next level. 

Truck Stop Basics

First things first, you need to be able to get you and your rig in and find a parking spot. Sounds simple enough, until you find yourself tangled up with four-wheeled traffic without a safe place to park. 

40 percent of truckers claim to regularly spend one hour trying to find an overnight parking spot. In an industry where time equals money, that's quite the expense! Professional drivers also look for truck stops with the following basics: ATM access, check cashing, WI-FI, food, and clean fuel pumps

WI-FI access for truckers at truck stops

Trucker Perks

Truck stops that offer shower spaces and laundry service sure do come in handy when you're looking to freshen up during a long haul or on that last stop before home. If you're sticking around for any length of time, truck stops with entertainment options are popular.

Entertainment can help pass the time whether you're going solo, bringing a ride-along, or meeting up with fellow drivers. Museum-like attractions, movie theaters, and pub games like pool and darts are popular options. 

Rewards programs for truckers at truck stops

Reward programs, like the Petro UltraOne program, allow truckers to earn points as they fuel. It's one way to get a little something extra out of your fuel stop. Professional drivers often save their Petro points to buy birthday, Christmas, and souvenir gifts for their loved ones.  

Truck Stop Amenities Worth a Detour

Something we ask ourselves at Clearwater Travel Plaza is, "What can we provide that a truck driver will look forward to when they stop?" We sure hope it's something we offer. By staffing our truck stop with welcoming staff, offering home-style meals, providing private shower spaces, and creating a professional driver's lounge, we hope our truck stop offers something worth exiting the freeway for. 

In a sense, I want a truck stop to be a bit of a trucker's sanctuary. While sometimes the best truck stop is the closest one that offers whatever it is you need, we work to provide amenities and services that truck drivers want. 

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