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CanSota: From Canada to Clearwater, Why We’ve Got Love for You

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There is a high demand for logistic transportation in our growing economy. So many areas fluctuate on a regular basis: traffic, frequency, and overall supply/demand to name a few. But, it’s the dedication of professional drivers that keeps the industry going. That keeps America going. Our friendly Canada neighbors help contribute to this in more ways than one.

Canada, Our Second Home

United States and Canadian Flags

According to Statistics Canada, the most often noted occupation is a professional driver. With over 227,000 Canadians who proudly claim this profession, it qualifies as one of the top occupations in the country. We have a connection with Canadian professional drivers as a result of this growing number.

 We recognize the importance of timely delivery with all areas of freight transportation. Efficient and effective distance is what makes and keeps the market running.  That’s why at Clearwater Travel Plaza, our facility is designed with you in mind. And it’s one of the reasons you can count on us for that “home” feel. You’re already spending hours on the road away from home. This profession is in a league of its own in terms of demands and challenges. Yet, you climb into your 18-wheeler with pride. We recognize the sacrifice and want to honor your commitment, which is exactly why we share and show you love.

Sharing the Love

Canadians are not only close in proximity, they’re also the people that “get” us. Our culture, our humor, and our accent. And, we “get” them. It’s a dynamic much like a family, indescribable yet so appreciated. So much that we made up that word in the title: Canada + Minnesota = CanSota. Yes, we believe it’s word worthy. 

The US Department of Labor projected professional driver employment to grow five percent from 2014 to 2024. Although that may seem like a common average, it’s a number that we are aware of and consciously keep in mind in every aspect at Clearwater Travel Plaza. The Canucks contribute to this industry, and we’re all about expanding and including them in our family.

Your Family at Clearwater Travel Plaza

Stay for an hour, or stay for a day. No matter the duration, we welcome you with exclusive amenities, convenience from every angle, and familiar faces. Our name is a testament of our commitment to all professional drivers, near and far.

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