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Crazy Places to Park Your Rig, According to Professional Drivers

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Part of being a professional driver is finding a place to park, and truck stop parking isn’t always available everywhere you go. When there’s no designated area, you’re tasked with finding a place with enough space to park your rig for rests and for overnights. Out on our Facebook page, we asked, “Where’s the craziest place you’ve parked your rig?” Today, I’m sharing the answers. Find out what places our professional drivers mentioned.

When Truck Stop Parking isn’t Available

Crazy places to park your rig, according to professional driversAmong the professional drivers who responded, one place was scenic, one had a bit of an infestation issue, and two were downright scary.

Scenic Parking in Canada

One professional driver parked his rig in a tiny picnic area by Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. Shellbrook is a rural community with a population between 1,000 and 2,000 people.

Parking with Critters Nearby

Another driver found himself parked behind a Wal-Mart south of Chicago, which would normally be no big deal. Until, he realized that all the stray cats he saw running around were really oversized rats!

Downtown, Big City Parking

All one professional driver had to say about parking his rig in downtown Detroit, Michigan was that it was a “scary place.” Detroit has been named the most dangerous city with a population over 200,000 for three years in a row.

Parking with Danger Nearby

Our final response also included a bit of danger. When parking his rig in the north part of Chicago, someone was shot in the lot next to where he had off-loaded during the night.

To all you professional drivers, be sure to stay safe out there! And, follow us on Facebook so you can join in on our next question.

Upcoming Opportunities for Professional Drivers

Currently, we’re asking professional drivers to share pictures of their rigs on our Facebook page. We’re looking for the biggest, baddest rigs on the roads, and we want you to participate! We’re giving away gift cards to Clearwater Travel Plaza, and a grand prize for the winner. Check it out here.

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