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The Trucker's Creed

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For men and women, professional careers in any industry come with both a price and a reward. Working to fulfill personal and professional goals, providing financial resources and security, and to have a sense of belonging to a greater good are all reasons why people work. Yet for the American over-the-road professional driver, those reasons matter but perhaps not as much as a sense of duty. This is the Trucker's Creed.

Above All Else, Safety

Safety on the highways is a concern of all road users. The level of safety depends on how every person behaves when behind the wheel. Drivers are supposed to follow traffic rules while on the roads, but some of them do not pay attention to them.TheTruckersCreed.jpg

A professional driver
is a person who adheres to traffic regulations at all times. The person exercises courtesy on the road and is mindful of other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians as well.

I am a professional driver.

I am safe. I value the safety of everyone around me on the roadways, at weigh stations, at travel centers, and pickup and drop-off points. There is no forsaking safety in the name of time, speed, or shortcuts. 


What it Takes 

Getting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle and moving it does not make one a professional driver. A good driver demonstrates good conduct on the road by not engaging in risky behaviors. Professional drivers pay attention to the road and exercise patience and critical thinking skills. It is common to find situations on the road that stir anger. Remaining calm is vital on the road as being emotional may affect a person's ability to make decisions. Drivers get into situations where they are required to make very quick decisions.

Drivers encounter very many distractions on the road. Discipline and self-control are vital qualities for all road users. Some people have the habit of texting while driving which is very dangerous and has been blamed as the cause of many accidents. Professional drivers take care of their vehicles. They ensure the vehicle is in good condition at all times. Poorly maintained vehicles can lead to road crashes and costly breakdowns.

I am a professional driver.

I exhibit professionalism and courtesy every single mile. I choose to ignore any stereotypes my profession might negatively portray. I choose pride in my career and honor my chosen profession. I remember the actions I take affect more than myself or my rig. I never let my guard down.


America Needs Professional Drivers

Professional drivers play a vital role in society. America is facing a professional driver shortage, and over-the-road hauling and transportation is very much still a necessary part of our marketplace and economy. The general workforce population is aging, and there's a decrease in the number of skilled workers choosing professional driving as their career choice. Honestly, it's a hard career to make appealing. Long, solitary hours. Tough, dangerous work. More time spent away from home than actually there. The list goes on. Yet, there are the few, the brave who see that list and say, Yeah. I'm a professional driver. I know all that and I still drive because I want to.

I am a professional driver.

I take my job seriously. I see and appreciate how my role in American logistics bolsters our economy and fortifies U.S. commerce. I choose to be away from my family, my home, and my comforts so I can provide for others. My job fills a very critical need in this country. 


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