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Truck Drivers Out There Doing Great Things

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If you're someone who's spent any amount of time around truck drivers, you've likely heard a few tales from the road. Some stories make you chuckle, others deserve little more than an eyeroll. But today, I'm sharing trucker stories that'll warm your heart. 

Truck Drivers Helping Others

Truck drivers out there doing great thingsThe truckers I know are some of the kindest, most genuine individuals around. Today, I'm sharing a few examples of truck drivers giving back that you may have missed in the news. 

Truck Driver Saves Injured Cat

When Dennis McDonald drove through severe weather in British Columbia, Canada, he spotted a dead cat laying in the middle of the road. But when he looked in the passenger mirror, he didn't believe the cat was dead. He went back and found the cat badly injured, but it was alive. He took the cat to get veterinarian care. Read the full story (complete with a happy ending) here

Truck Driver Saves Grandma in Bradford County, FL

In the spring of 2016, truck driver Greg Moore witnessed a pickup crash into a tree and start on fire. 74-year-old Annie Lee Smith, the pickup's driver, had gotten her foot stuck under the brake pedal. Moore helped free her and waited with her until she was taken to the hospital to have her injuries treated. 

Truck Driver saves Mercedes-Benz Driver from Flood Waters

In January 2017, a Mercedes-Benz driver thought she could get through a flooded roadway, but found herself stuck. Lucky for her, a local truck driver was able to step in and save the day. Watch the video here


There's no shortage of good deeds in the trucker tales I regularly hear, and I sure am thankful for that! To all you truck drivers out there, thank you for doing what you do. 

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