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7 Trucker Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

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You know what makes driving in rain, snow, fog, or sleet a lot worse? Doing it while you're behind the steering wheel of an eighteen wheeler. Why? Because that means you could be responsible for up to 80,000 pounds, in case you're counting. You truckers maneuver through some pretty harsh weather to complete your hauls. 

7 Trucker Tips for Driving Under the Elements

Rain, Sleet, or Snow, Truck Drivers Gotta Go

Bad weather conditions can slow you down and make it a risky day at the office. This is especially true if you're sharing the road with other professional drivers and four-wheeled traffic. Follow these seven trucker tips to get yourself where you need to go. And do it safely!

#1 Slow Down

Speed limits are set for clear driving conditions. Rushing or speeding during bad weather can lead to accidents or a visit to the ditch - neither of which will get you where you're going any faster. 

#2 Stay Off the Shoulder

In low visibility areas, other drivers may mistake your shouldered rig for one that's on the road. This makes a perfect situation for another driver to slam into your trailer. 

#3 Stay Out of The Pack

You know those clusters of vehicles out on the freeway? They're a recipe for a collision during poor weather. Try for the lone wolf approach and keep plenty of distance from other drivers. 

#4 The Jake Brake and Ice Do Not Mix

While some truckers swear by it, using your jake brake on icy roads is not worth the risk. It can be especially dangerous to over brake when your truck isn't straight - this can cause you to jackknife.  

#5 Circle Check like Your Life Depends on it

Because it does. Take an extra look to ensure your defroster and heater are functioning as they should. Top off that washer fluid and drain any excess moisture from the air tanks. And be sure those brake lights and tail lights are in working order. 

#6 Top Off Your Fuel Tank

Those extra gallons add weight over your drive tires, giving your rig better traction. 

#7 Use Your Head

For most of you truckers out there, many of these tips might've been review. But, it never hurts to have a little reminder. When in doubt, keep yourself out of harm's way by using your noggin. 

Stay aware of the weather and know what to expect by using a trusted weather app. This will keep you aware and let you get ready before you get on the road. And, above all else, stay safe out there! 

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