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Designed for the Road: Clearwater Travel Plaza vs. The Others, A Friendly Comparison

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Tick, tock. Every minute counts. Optimizing efficiency is our forte. Our full-service facility offers our professional drivers the best of the best. We recognize there are other options available. Today we’re taking a look at a friendly comparison: us vs. them. I’m fairly certain you’re aware of who “they” are. Just in case you need a hint, one includes a five-letter word and accompanies a red and yellow and logo.

A Friendly Competitor Analysis

Clearwater Travel Plaza BillboardLet’s not waste time and get right into the differences. I have to admit; we are partial to our professional drivers. You’ll recognize this from the moment your feet hit the pavement at Clearwater Travel Plaza. It’s also apparent in our offerings.

Here’s a friendly analysis of common amenities typically found at truck stops.

   CWTP  The Others
 Food   Home cooked, made fresh   Fast food, chain restaurants
 Parking   Always available     Reservations may be required   
 Showers      Free with fuel purchase   Credits or payment needed
 Lounge & Laundry   Drivers’ lounge & laundromat  Dependent on location and size        
 Fuel Center   Distinct from 4-wheel traffic 18-wheelers and cars use the same pumps
 Internet  Free WiFi, all the time    Limited availability 

These benefits we provide far outweigh a big, flashy name. Uniqueness and familiarity set us apart from the rest. We know this makes an impact on your decision on where to rest, recharge, replenish, and refuel. It’s like that familiar phrase goes, “you get what you pay for”. It’s certainly no different at CWTP. You’re not paying for our name; though we are proud of it. 

Beyond the Amenities

We provide beyond the essentials. Why? Because we know that you’re away from home and deserve convenience, comfort, and a place that feels like home. The challenges that professional drivers face each day cannot be underestimated. Our role is to serve you with an exceptional, high quality, and memorable experience each time you visit.

Our family focus, friendly faces, and fresh food are favorable in more ways than one. We acknowledge you by name, not just as "another customer." And if at any time you feel otherwise, we want to hear about it. Your time is valuable, and it’s our job and privilege to give you an experience you deserve.

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