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Easier Access, Easier Parking, Easier Fueling - Petro Truck Stop Promise

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The ease factor is an underappreciated concept. Discover the ways we already achieve ease for our professional drivers. Our Petro truck stop location understands we all deserve a little more ease in our lives. 

Ease Defined

Clearwater Travel Plaza Promise

Convenient. Accommodating. User-friendly. These are all words that describe ease. But we take it one step further at Clearwater Travel Plaza and not only define it, but allow you to experience ease. You see, there’s something about experiencing the benefits of this first-hand. It’s like when your friends are all talking about how easy it is to use technology. You resist it for as long as possible and then finally give in because you feel like you’re missing out. That’s not peer pressure, we’ll save that for another topic, it’s called fear of missing out (FOMO). And that, my friends, is not something that you want to live with.

What This Means for You

Don’t live another day missing out on benefits that are designed for you. Experience them for yourself. In terms of ease, here’s how Clearwater Travel Plaza keeps you in mind.


Our Petro truck stop is conveniently located off I-94 and Hwy 24, exit #178, which is a quick crossover to Hwy 10. Designed for you to get in, out, and back on the road.


We offer premium parking space that’s accessible and well-maintained. Our spacious lot allows flexibility for you to feel like there’s a place where your semi truck belongs, separate from 4-wheel traffic.


There are eight private fuel lines with satellite pumps available for your ease. Our fuel island can handle the largest rigs out there. We even have a separate cashier station for quick, efficient service.

How can you ensure you’re taking full advantage of these benefits? Experience them for yourself.  

The CTP Promise

We’re here for as long or as short as you need us. Professional drivers are our bread and butter, it’s why we’re in this industry serving you. The long hours you spend away from home transporting goods across the country is admirable. Our quick and easy service options along with relaxing amenities make our home yours. We invite you to experience easier access, easier parking, and easier fueling with us at our one-stop Petro truck stop. It’s a promise you can count on, trip after trip.

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