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Going Out for a Night on the Town? Hit up the Nelson Bros. Pub!

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Looking for a fun night out? Whether you're flying solo or meeting up with a few of your buddies, the Nelson Bros. Pub is the perfect place to gather. It’s hopping with fun, excitement, and a whole lot of laughter. Read on for all the reasons why it should be your next hangout location.

Ps, Qs, and RocksNelson Bros. Pub

Did you know? The saying “mind your P's, Q's and Rocks” derived from bartenders in England. They would tell rowdy patrons to do so, in reference to Pints & Quarts. It has since been shortened for other conditions, now commonly referenced to mind your manners or be on your best behavior. Don’t worry, at Nelson Bros. Pub, we’ll do no such thing.

Whichever way you enjoy your beverage: neat, on the rocks, or virgin, we can craft a cocktail to quench your thirst. Conveniently connected to the Nelson Bros. Restaurant, you can enjoy your favorite appetizer, menu item, or food special to accompany your drinks.

Pub AtmosphereNelson Bros. Pub

You’ll find a very laid-back, hometown, casual environment at the Nelson Bros. Pub. We designed this area to be a place for all travelers to sit down, relax, and enjoy. I know what you’re thinking, it’s easier said than done to just “sit and relax”. Actually, it really is that easy. You deserve a break for 10 minutes, an hour, or longer. An article in the New York Times encourages relaxing, as it results in more productivity. Did you know that the best way to get more done is to spend time doing less?

Social support and interaction are an important factor for both physical health and well-being. There are positive effects on mental health, too. Spending time with others allows for connection. UCLA Psychology Professor Matthew Lieberman says, “Being socially connected is our brain’s lifelong passion.” It’s no coincidence that the benefits in relaxing, connecting, and interacting are stacking up. It really is good for you, in so many ways.

Come One, Come All

The Clearwater Travel Plaza experience is all of this and more. The people and connections keep you coming back. And, there’s something to be said about that. Nothing is forced. Food and beverages are always on the ready. And, if you can come up with a name for a concoction, we can make it (our bartenders just may ask for a little instruction – they’re not shy). Whether you are a rail or top shelf kind of guy, we’ve got you covered. Join us for happy hour, we can’t wait to catch-up.

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