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Nelson Bros. Bakery: Donuts Bigger than your Head!

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The smell of sweet icing and fresh dough will lead you to the glass display with your mouth watering. It may even cause you to press your nose against the case to savor the aroma. Do you know what I’m referencing? Donuts! We’re taking an inside peek at the history, size, flavors, and all that goes into our legendary donuts at Nelson Bros. Bakery.  


The Donut FactsNelson Bros. Bakery Donuts

First things first, a donut is a sweet, deep-fried mixture of dough or batter. After preparing, they may be garnished with any number of toppings including: icing, sprinkles, or cinnamon to name a few. I’m sure you have a favorite or two that come to mind. Did you know? The US consumes 10 billion donuts every year.  The donut delicacy is not a trend.

We started creating our very own donuts at the Nelson Bros. Bakery in 1990. Since then, our bakery has evolved into a larger variety of donuts to include raised, cake, long johns and crispies. The famous cake donut was one of the first donuts we made, and is still a hit to this day. The apple fritter currently holds the title for the most popular donut available. Some new options for our customers are the bear claw and honeymooner. Our fruit filling varieties and creative frosting designs give them an irresistible “wow” factor. With over 50 varieties of cake and raised donuts available, it’s clear that donuts aren’t just for dunking anymore.

Our Flawless Frying Process

Unlike other bakeries, our products aren’t shipped in from a distribution center. They aren’t mechanically made, cut, fried, or dropped into the fryer by a machine. Our donuts are skillfully made, shaped, and fried by our bakery staff. We flip our donuts with large chop sticks at the perfect time during the frying process, and put the finishing touch of sprinkles and icing right here! And because we do everything big at Nelson Bros. Bakery, the size of our donuts is the signature on our product. It’s no accident, they are enormous on purpose.

Our bakers arrive at 8am and 10pm to make fresh-baked goodies every single day. Yes, you read that correctly, baked fresh twice daily. That’s homemade freshness at its finest! We bake an average of 1,600 donuts per day, and 2,200 on the weekends.

Glazed to Perfection

Not all icing is created equal. We believe the frosting should serve as an accent, and never overpower the flavor of a donut. The frosting on our cinnamon rolls consumes the top and sides of the roll for the perfect icing ratio. At Nelson Bros. Bakery, we put the utmost importance on the quality of products we provide. We create our batter, dough, fillings, and toppings with pride.

No matter the time of day you choose, a donut is always available for you to indulge in. If you have a second one (or more!), your secret's safe with us!

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