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Time Equals Money, And Clearwater Travel Plaza Saves you Both

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As a professional driver, you know the value of your time, perhaps even better than some of the other professions out there. After all, the independence that comes along with being a professional driver requires a lot of responsibility too. Because wasted time isn’t company time, it’s your time. And discovering ways to make the best out of both your on- and off-duty is the key to making sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your time.

At Clearwater Travel Plaza, we understand how valuable your time is – and we’ve taken extra steps to keep your precious time from being wasted.

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By effectively managing time, professional drivers can open up more freedom in their daily lives. When you’re out on the road, everything you need that doesn’t fit into your cab has to come from somewhere, and a one-stop-shop can be a professional driver’s best ally.

When we look at the big picture, minutes saved add up to hours earned, and any time you lose day-to-day doesn’t come back. At Clearwater Travel Plaza, our amenities are focused on convenience, accommodation, and saving you time.

Making the Most of Fuel Stops

Our location is right off of I-94 and Hwy 24, and we’re specifically designed to get you in, out, and back on the road with minimal congestion. Our parking area allows for ease of access, and keeps 4-wheeled traffic separate. And our fueling station includes eight private fuel lines (with satellite pumps) to keep the big rigs moving. We’ve even structured payment service to save you time – with a separate cashier station to provide speedy service.

What keeps our professional drivers coming back?

In my experience, at first, professional drivers come for the ease of access to fueling and access to basic needs, but they come back for much more. If we ask Chuck, one of the professional drivers we’re lucky enough to see regularly:

“I have yet to experience a friendlier facility than CTP. Out of habit, I always wear flip flops in the showers when I'm traveling. The CTP showers are not only spacious, but so incredibly clean where I feel at home and don't need to wear my flip flops. That's a win without explanation in my book. The food is great, the facility is nice, but I have never experienced people as nice as this. They make me feel like a guest in my home when I'm there. They're always happy, always awesome, and always smiling.”

Clearwater Travel Plaza is designed to save you time.

Clearwater Travel Plaza is structured to bring ease to the truck stop experience. From the ground up, we’re focused on making the best use of any and all of the time you spend with us. At Clearwater Travel Plaza we place a premium on your time. And that’s just the tip of the time-saving iceberg. Stop on in sometime and see how much time we can save you – We hope to see you soon!

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