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YouTube Channels to Follow for Professional Drivers

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If you're a professional driver and you want to connect with others in your profession, there are many available options when compared to the past. The dawn of social media, blogging and video sharing has made the profession much less lonely and introduced an element of connectedness that had never been a part of driving.

The Value of YouTube for Professional Drivers

One place to start? YouTube. The popular video site has been a reliable place for people of many different backgrounds and viewpoints to share their insights since 2005. Since the site incorporates social media aspects into their product, it is easy to share the videos you love with family and friends at the push of a button! This helps professional drivers stay connected to others in their industry, as well as the family and friends whom they leave at home each week.

YouTube Channels to Follow for Professional Drivers

Here are some professional drivers whose stories and experiences you just have to hear:

  • The Big Cat Trucker: This video blogger confronts many challenges and issues facing professional drivers in their day-to-day occupations, but also serves to entertain with witty dialogue and social media. BigKatTrucker.
  • Trucker Josh VLOG: Josh is a professional driver that creates video diaries of his journeys across the country, meant to entertain and connect other drivers to the process. @TruckerJosh456.
  • Renegade Trucker: This rig enthusiast focuses on equipment and the many toys involved with a life of professional driving. His videos feature discussions about the trucking equipment that he uses on a daily basis, as well as his own life in Montana and major current events. @RenegadeTruckerUSA.
  • Allie Knight: This alternative lifestyle, Boston-based driver focuses on the many aspects of going coast to coast in a single week, discussing music and culture and answering fan questions. @AllieKnight.
  • This channel focuses on the many safety hazards and best practices of becoming a professional driver, providing useful information for even the most experienced on the roads. @SmartTrucking.

At the end of the day, professional drivers need their comfort zone, and often this often comes from something available on the go, to which they can strongly relate. On YouTube, professional drivers can find communities that share their love of driving long distances, discuss equipment and then share their favorite videos with friends and family while on the go.

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