We Do Buses Like A Boss

If you are traveling on a bus with a large group, our doors are always open. We welcome your group with open arms, flowing fountain drinks, and food options to fit every person’s taste.

Call ahead and give us a heads up that you’re on your way so we can ensure you receive the best, most efficient service possible. We’re equipped to handle large groups, even if you forget.

Did you know? All bus drivers and hosts get a free meal at Nelson Bros. Restaurant or a free gourmet sandwich from the Food Court as your group enjoys either option.

Our Partnership with Spirit 92.9

We’ve teamed up with Spirit 92.9 and their Family Event Coach program to encourage families to spend time together attending local events. The best part? Clearwater Travel Plaza takes care of the driving to and from each event. We’ve been known to distribute exclusive coupons for these participants, too. We’re generous like that!

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